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Alison Harmer is an award-winning copywriter and editor on a mission to eradicate errant apostrophes and unnecessary capitals and hyphens. She's highly flexible, easy to work with and always delivers on time.

Good stories write their own headlines

Improve your chances of writing a good headline by refreshing your approach to common internal comms stories.
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Spiders invade – this means war!

Last year I promised to report on any spider repellents that worked.

Sad to say, a plethora of conkers at every door and copious spraying of No More Spiders deterrent spray (ha!) has had zero effect on this year’s invaders, of which, according to The Guardian, there are even more this year.

The eight-legged blighters are definitely […]

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Three has sweet way to get staff reading

Is life at Three like a box of chocolates? The mobile giant sends employees their contracts boxed along with a choc bar and tea. Nice touch or money-waster?
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Tips on homeworking – never housesit for carp

Looking after your neighbour's fish during your busiest working week can be shoal-destroying. Fins can only get better...
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How to damage your brand in one paragraph

What word comes into your head when you read terrible copywriting like this?
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Two ways to write a style guide

Should organisations write their own style guides or use a national newspaper's? Discover why two ways of approach a style guide is better than none.

10 tips for keeping corporate communications projects on track

Ensure a big corporate communications writing project doesn't run off the rails by following these 10 tips for managing the process.

School essay errors make wrotten reading

Recommended reading if you like wordplay, grammatical mistakes, puns and howlers: Wrotten English by Peter Haining (Portico Books).
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Freelance daily tea dilemma sorted

Tips on the many ways tea can get a freelancer through the day.
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Feeling munted?

Discover a great word from New Zealand: munted. It's Kiwi slang for ruined.
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