Marking World Press Freedom Day

Violence against journalists needs to stop. A salute to the five journalists who died this year as part of World Press Freedom Day. Read More...
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Interviewing Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour Party leadership yesterday and was serenaded by Billy Bragg, how many others were transported back, like me, to the rebellious mid 1980s?

I studied for a media studies degree at the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL) from 1983 to 1986. The Conservatives were in power and Mrs Thatcher was prime […]

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Crowdfunding on the rise

As an alternative way of financing projects, crowdfunding is on the rise. In 2014 the market grew 167% according to a 2015 report by Massolution; which collected data from 1,250 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs).

It’s just one interesting fact I discovered while writing this article called ‘What is crowdfunding?’ for – a new website for anyone […]

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Two ways to write a style guide

Should organisations write their own style guides or use a national newspaper's? Discover why two ways of approach a style guide is better than none.

Freelance daily tea dilemma sorted

Tips on the many ways tea can get a freelancer through the day.
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How to write like a journalist

Write like a journalist by using the 'inverted triangle' to structure your story. It's a fast, effective way to give your writing instant impact.
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Artful subs and 10 tips to avoid wasting words

Radio 4's Word of Mouth programme interviews subs from The Sun about the art of the sub-editor. Not wasting words is a key skill - are you guilty of these top 10 waffle samples?
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Why a style guide is vital for brand value

Organisations that don't invest in editorial or design style guidelines do so at the peril of their brand. Five reasons why house style guides are essential for business.
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Mums urge recruiters to remove flexible working barriers

Outdated 9-5 thinking is preventing mums from working flexibly and employers from enjoying the benefits flexible working brings.
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Learn to love writing headlines

Writers of company newsletters and employee or customer communications need to get better at writing punchy headlines as corporations are prompted by the online revolution to integrate their blogs, microblogs, web pages and traditional print.
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