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Alison Harmer is an award-winning copywriter and editor on a mission to eradicate errant apostrophes and unnecessary capitals and hyphens. She's highly flexible, easy to work with and always deliver on time.

Borderline serious about exporting? Don’t be

Maybe you’re a business-owner thinking about exporting. Perhaps you’ve never considered it, don’t know where to start or are daunted by the prospect.

Since fear didn’t stop you from setting up a business in the first place, why should it prevent you from tapping into a potential market of seven billion people on the planet? That’s […]

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Interviewing Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour Party leadership yesterday and was serenaded by Billy Bragg, how many others were transported back, like me, to the rebellious mid 1980s?

I studied for a media studies degree at the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL) from 1983 to 1986. The Conservatives were in power and Mrs Thatcher was prime […]

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Crowdfunding on the rise

As an alternative way of financing projects, crowdfunding is on the rise. In 2014 the market grew 167% according to a 2015 report by Massolution; which collected data from 1,250 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs).

It’s just one interesting fact I discovered while writing this article called ‘What is crowdfunding?’ for crowdfundingwebsites.co.uk – a new website for anyone […]

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Small firms need to shake off budget blues

How have independent professionals, freelancers and contractors reacted to the summer budget? They have the budget blues, if the reaction of several trade organisations and associations is anything to go by.

“Three blows below the belt” for small businesses is how Chris Bryce, CEO of IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed), summarised […]

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What is brand journalism?

Brand journalism and branded content are two buzzword phrases that marketing people often use. But others are left scratching their heads. What do the phrases mean?

A brand journalist combines journalism techniques and principles with clever marketing to write copy for brands, businesses and organisations that is better at connecting with people than blatant selling.

Branded content […]

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Tips on refreshing your website

Refreshing your website can take a long time. I knew mine was in dire need of modernisation but I spent 18 months on it before it went live today.

In retrospect, that sounds ridiculous. But when you write for a living – and are as pernickety as I am about spelling, punctuation and grammar – the […]

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Good stories write their own headlines

Improve your chances of writing a good headline by refreshing your approach to common internal comms stories.
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Spiders invade – this means war!

Last year I promised to report on any spider repellents that worked.

Sad to say, a plethora of conkers at every door and copious spraying of No More Spiders deterrent spray (ha!) has had zero effect on this year’s invaders, of which, according to The Guardian, there are even more this year.

The eight-legged blighters are definitely […]

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Three has sweet way to get staff reading

Is life at Three like a box of chocolates? The mobile giant sends employees their contracts boxed along with a choc bar and tea. Nice touch or money-waster?
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Tips on homeworking – never housesit for carp

Looking after your neighbour's fish during your busiest working week can be shoal-destroying. Fins can only get better...
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