Brand journalism and branded content are two buzzword phrases that marketing people often use. But others are left scratching their heads. What do the phrases mean?

A brand journalist combines journalism techniques and principles with clever marketing to write copy for brands, businesses and organisations that is better at connecting with people than blatant selling.

Branded content does a better job of engaging and capturing readers’ attention by telling a story without corporate jargon. The best brand journalism will also be written for the target audience (first rule of writing: always think of the reader). The worst can lose all of branded content’s power and focus by being unfocused and distributed in a ‘scatter gun’ way.

I use brand journalism for maximum impact in all kinds of branded content, ranging from corporate communications to public relations. Brand journalists can help you to:

  • Capture readers’ attention – by zeroing in on the right angle
  • Draw them in from the first paragraph and hold their interest
  • Build credibility and trust by supporting your content with facts
  • Hit your deadlines by writing with speed.

One big advantage of brand journalism for businesses is that it helps create conversations across channels. So it is particularly effective in social media. Visit Michael Brenner’s website for some great examples of brand content marketing.