Refreshing your website can take a long time. I knew mine was in dire need of modernisation but I spent 18 months on it before it went live today.

In retrospect, that sounds ridiculous. But when you write for a living – and are as pernickety as I am about spelling, punctuation and grammar – the hours mount up. Add in the client approvals required in corporate communications, plus a final proofread from an external proofreader, and, well, you get the picture…

So I’ve put together some tips I’ve learned from those who gave me advice along the way. I hope these will inspire other copywriters to take control and make that final effort.

  1. Research other businesses in your sector to see what the competition’s doing (me)
  2. Treat the job as if it were paid – fellow copywriter Carole Seawert
  3. Make your website mobile friendly – marketing expert Lisa Vassallo of One to Three
  4. Work out your brand and core proposition – creative director Dave Kimpton, Kimpton Creative
  5. Think about colour and what it says about you – creative director Andy Ritchie, Blackwood
  6. Find a fresh pair of eyes to read it before you go live – proofreader Steve McCubbin
  7. Use a content management system – writer and editor Ray Philpott
  8. Pick an appropriate setting for your photos – photographer Pennie Withers
  9. Link your site to other websites – Karen Peters, website consultant
  10. Think about navigation and make it simple  – Cheryl Laidlaw, Reyl Design Group

Thanks to everyone who had a part to play in the making of my website. My final tip for anyone working in corporate communications is to check that they are happy to be mentioned.

If you’d like to add your own tips, please do.