Thank you for helping my business to survive. It’s the last day of this hellish year and a relief to see the back of it. But I couldn’t have got here without you.

Road mage showing it's out with 2020

From the discovery of the virus in China in January to the Oxford University/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine’s approval on 30 December, it’s been a year unlike any other. People have called 2020 a roller-coaster ride, but to me, it felt more like a bucking bronco – until you stepped in. 

Good riddance, 2020Banner asking people to keep 6 feet apart

Like many small businesses, the first few months of 2020 was a nightmare. The pandemic hammered clients in sectors such as the automotive industry and cruise lines.  They cancelled any copywriting services they had with me and work dried up overnight.

But after a couple of months, as clients adapted, demand for my copywriting and editing services started to increase. Some clients thought of new business ideas. Others used the time to overhaul their marketing materials. Several redesigned their websites or sought editing support to get their Covid-19 messaging just right.

Thanks to you, my business has survived the year’s multiple twists and turns. So, as we kick 2020 to the kerb, I’d like to say how grateful I am to everyone who has helped me to keep going. Roll on, 2021!

Reasons to be thankful

To all the businesses and organisations who have stuck by me, thank you. I’d particularly like to mention the following:

  • Membership organisations FODO and the NCHA. They gave me copy to edit and proofread every week from the pandemic’s start. They never faltered in providing weekly Covid guidance and support to eye care and hearing care providers.
  • Hotbox. Its founder hired me to write web content for a new business –the Sedes smart desk-booking tool. It helps companies to monitor and control employees’ return to the office.
  • Rob Strachan of FlexiSpace Marketing who kept me busy writing brochure copy and web content for the flexible workspace and serviced apartment sectors.
  • Blume for providing a platform where I could offer charities writing and marketing support during the pandemic.

And many others.

Thank you, cashflow champions

None of my clients is a bad payer at the best of times. But this year, in the worst of times, many of you paid my invoices in record time – sometimes within a few days – a gesture that I much appreciate.

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry summed up the consequences in his New Year message. “The difference between being paid on time and being paid late remains, for too many, the difference between a small business surviving and going under.”

Celebrate small business solidarity

As well as clients, I want to thank the freelancers in my network, especially Karen Bright and Gill Wing. You were so generous in sharing potential work opportunities and your ideas for surviving the pandemic.

I’m also grateful to Carole Seawert and Hilary Robertson for agreeing to test-drive Teams with me, once my trusty IT support Tony Donoghue had got it working on a Mac. It was a change from Zoom calls, anyway.

Finally, here’s to the FSB for providing lots of support to new members like me throughout the year.

As well as giving national advice to those hit by Covid, the FSB Thames Valley helped me to work out what I need to do to get ready for Brexit. They even introduced me to BBC Radio Berkshire, who invited me to talk about Brexit this morning on New Year’s Eve with Vernon Harwood.

Image of a shell thanking the NHS

Most of all, thank you to the NHS – for the work you have given me and the work you continue to do to keep us safe.

Happy new year everyone. Hope to see you in 2021.