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Alison Harmer is an award-winning copywriter and editor on a mission to eradicate errant apostrophes and unnecessary capitals and hyphens. She's highly flexible, easy to work with and always delivers on time.

Mums urge recruiters to remove flexible working barriers

Outdated 9-5 thinking is preventing mums from working flexibly and employers from enjoying the benefits flexible working brings.
By |March 25th, 2010|Flexible working, Journalism, Media, Recruitment, Working mums|3 Comments

Learn to love writing headlines

Writers of company newsletters and employee or customer communications need to get better at writing punchy headlines as corporations are prompted by the online revolution to integrate their blogs, microblogs, web pages and traditional print.
By |March 2nd, 2010|Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Journalism, Writing|Comments Off on Learn to love writing headlines

Innovative ways to use the iPad

The Model T changed the way we live forever. Could the iPad be the same? Alison Harmer explores the uses for this cross between an iPhone and a MacBook.
By |February 15th, 2010|Apple, iPad, iPhone, Journalism, MacBook, Writing|Comments Off on Innovative ways to use the iPad

Don’t move into IC to write

With more journalists seeking fewer commissions, switching to corporate communications is tempting.

But writers who make the leap from mainstream journalism into the corporate world could be in for a shock. A company may not be the right home for you if you want to continue writing for most of your day.

Web 2.0 is changing everything […]

By |February 8th, 2010|Internal Communications, Journalism, Writing|3 Comments

Bounder! I say…bang on!

Graham McCann has written a corker of a biography on Terry-Thomas.
By |February 4th, 2010|Biography, Film, Graham McCann, Terry-Thomas, Writing|6 Comments

Gym January snowdown

You’re supposed to start a new year as you mean to go on. But if, like me, the snow put the brakes on your get-fit resolution, getting back in your stride is a real chore.

Gymmer-jammers at Curves of Wokingham were groaning their way around the circuit with me this morning.

“I was coming four times a […]

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Home working: can you hack it?

The economy is creaking slowly upwards but it is not out of the woods yet. And that means more people joining the flexible working revolution – even if it’s involuntarily.

Taking redundancy and becoming self-employed will be tempting and the idea of working from home possibly even more so.

I did it seven years ago and I […]

By |January 27th, 2010|Flexible working|3 Comments

Floods of protest

Residents in Wokingham echo King Canute as they try to hold back a tide of development on a floodplain.
By |January 26th, 2010|Flooding, Wokingham|3 Comments