PR and marketing copywriter

  • Direct mail
  • E-shots
  • Sales letters
  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Web pages
  • Press releases

Would you be convinced if I wrote PR and marketing copy in a hyped-up way like this?

“Word wizard Alison is a whizz with PR and marketing copywriting. She’ll hunker down to writing for your biz with a breathtaking flair for flights of creative fancy that will get your customers buying loads and loads more widgets.”

Probably not… to generate trust in today’s audiences you need a journalist’s cool, understated approach to your PR and B2B marketing.

Journalists write in a simple fact-driven way to create maximum impact from PR and marketing copy.

As an experienced PR and marketing copywriter, I can help you:

  • Entice readers to read your content by using great headlines
  • Enhance your organisation’s credibility with fact-packed copy
  • Consolidate your marketing across other channels where storytelling techniques work best.

You’ll still need strong openings about the knockout benefits of each product or service and a dynamic call to action, but I’ll write them without alienating your audience.

View my PR and marketing work.

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