You’re supposed to start a new year as you mean to go on. But if, like me, the snow put the brakes on your get-fit resolution, getting back in your stride is a real chore.

Gymmer-jammers at Curves of Wokingham were groaning their way around the circuit with me this morning.

“I was coming four times a week before Christmas, then I couldn’t come because of the snow and it’s really awful getting back into it,” said Sue, puffing at the leg press.

“I just wish January would end!” said another. Hear hear!

But if the month has been painful for members, spare a thought for the gym owners. The first two weeks of January – traditionally big business as new resolutions begin – skidded to a halt as members gave up the snow fight.

My gym only started to gain new members on 21 January but the small flurry signalled an avalanche of new signings. Today 26 people had completed their two circuits in the first hour.

Manager Aly Everitt said: “We worried at the start of the year, although many members kept in touch because we have personal relationships with them. New year’s resolutions are late but at least they are starting.”

Of course the worst aspect of the late start is the extra two weeks of flab added to the Christmas excesses. Roll on February – let’s hope not literally!