If you thought it was all over, it isn’t now!

Yesterday’s goal by Jermain Defoe put the kibosh on all non-football lovers’ hopes for a return to normality – at least until the match with Germany.

The World Cup is not popular in this house! It’s coincided with building works that come to a halt every time there’s a match.

During the USA vs England match we lost several plasterers, which meant the tiling couldn’t be finished. When England played Algeria it was no-show from the plasterers or the electrician, and the Slovenia match left us bereft of tilers and plumbers.

The low turnout was really no surprise, but the problem is that every time a trade doesn’t make it there’s a knock-on effect to their week’s schedules and we go back to the bottom.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that England are getting their act together but success on the pitch shouldn’t relegate customer service.

Anyone else having similar frustrations? Pass me the trowel…