Freelance daily tea dilemma sorted

Tips on the many ways tea can get a freelancer through the day.
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Feeling munted?

Discover a great word from New Zealand: munted. It's Kiwi slang for ruined.
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How to write like a journalist

Write like a journalist by using the 'inverted triangle' to structure your story. It's a fast, effective way to give your writing instant impact.
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iPad and digital mags are 2010’s top stories

Blog posts about digital magazines and the iPad got the most views in 2010. Thanks to everyone who commented and happy new year to all bloggers.
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Why sub-editors are still needed

Sub-editors are under threat at Northcliffe Media but the argument to keep them is the same as ever - quality, quality, quality.
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Why a style guide is vital for brand value

Organisations that don't invest in editorial or design style guidelines do so at the peril of their brand. Five reasons why house style guides are essential for business.
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Learn to love writing headlines

Writers of company newsletters and employee or customer communications need to get better at writing punchy headlines as corporations are prompted by the online revolution to integrate their blogs, microblogs, web pages and traditional print.
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Innovative ways to use the iPad

The Model T changed the way we live forever. Could the iPad be the same? Alison Harmer explores the uses for this cross between an iPhone and a MacBook.
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Don’t move into IC to write

With more journalists seeking fewer commissions, switching to corporate communications is tempting.

But writers who make the leap from mainstream journalism into the corporate world could be in for a shock. A company may not be the right home for you if you want to continue writing for most of your day.

Web 2.0 is changing everything […]

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Bounder! I say…bang on!

Graham McCann has written a corker of a biography on Terry-Thomas.
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